July 31st 2018: Site development on hold until Autumn. Following last week's unwelcome hacker attack, the Cambridge-MT site seems now to be back in a reasonably stable and usable condition, although we can't guarantee we've completely removed all malicious scripts from the server. However, I was already planning to completely redevelop the site in September/October to accompany the forthcoming second edition of Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio, during which process the server will be totally cleaned out and reinitialised. Until then, though, I won't be adding any new resources, so as to avoid destabilising the current site in the short term. If you'd like to support my ongoing development of this site, please consider joining the Cambridge-MT Patrons. Thanks for your understanding. Mike S.

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Studio Recording & Mixing Services

Cambridge-MT offer studio services tailored specifically for small-studio owners and recording musicians. What is unique about Cambridge-MT is that we understand that many musicians are increasingly keen to take charge of the production process for themselves, but that they often lack crucial specialist skills required to create a commercially competitive product. Our response to this problem is to provide the option for our customers to partner our recording/mixing services with bespoke advice and training, so not only will we get you the high-quality results you need right now, but we can also show you how to improve your own production approach to save you time and money in the future.

  • Recording Services: If you're looking for a complete location recording service for your band or ensemble, then Cambridge-MT can supply that for you. However, the flexibility you get with Cambridge-MT is that if you already have some recording skills and equipment, we can also work more cooperatively alongside you just to supplement these. So if you know how to connect up mics and record them, but you're not as confident about which ones to use and where to point them, we can step in to help at that point, improving both your recording and your recording knowledge at the same time. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

  • Mixing Services: Sound On Sound magazine's 'Mix Rescue' articles prove how much Mike Senior can improve your sound at mixdown, even for recordings made under severe budget restrictions. If you want to get that kind of professional makeover for your own productions, then contact us for further details.

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